It has been but a few months since that fateful New Years Day, when the foundations of the world were shaken, the seas darkened, and the sky turned as red as blood; The Fracture of the Heavens, as it has come to be known. The day that the Holy Emperor Elias Barbados was betrayed by those he had betrayed, and the day that the villain of that day, Supreme Archbishop Eljared, proclaimed her doom upon humanity:

“Is man only a failure of God, or is God only a failure of man? Everyone, who have wandered in the darkness of your own history like small children, open your eyes. It is about to begin. Be witness to how we take this step forward. In the end, to deny God will be the only way to save the world”.

An hour later, the Emperor was dead at the hands of one of his own Praetors, and his daughter Elisabetta, soon took the Lion Throne.

Already falling apart, the Holy Empire of Abel fractured. Principalities that had previously split from the Empire due to Eljared’s actions in the months and years prior, solidified their desire to remain independent, believing that the young Elisabetta was not worthy or able to rule. Three of the most notable and affected of the nations, on the southern boarder of the Empire, formed the Azure Alliance, believing that THEY were the Heirs to the soul of the Empire, under the leadership of the former Lord of War, Mathew Gaul.

Other nations have split off, becoming independent, some still wishing to retain some ties to the Empire, others wishing to have nothing to do with it, or any form of it.

And in the Shadows, organizations plot and maneuver, seeking the lost artifacts of bygone ages to solidify their power. Others sit, watching and waiting for the dust to settle from the inevitable war that is about to come.

And behind the Shadows, other forces move. For the first time in centuries they are afraid. For what Eljared did was to changed the very nature of the world, a world once wounded, now on the mend.

Mystics around the world felt changes that day. The world is growing stronger, changing; the level of mystical power rising. On the night of the Fracture of the Heavens, when the walls between the worlds were thinnest, a great magical work was performed, and the levels of mystical energies rose dramatically, and have slowly been rising evermore. By the next New Years, mystics across the land believe that the levels will reach what they were prior to the activation of the Machine of Rah.

The year is 989 after Christ, and the world seems ready to explode. Though it seems that the nefarious plan of Eljared were foiled, we have only just now begun to learn the true extend of the woman power and influence, as now many begin to believe that she had been acting in the world for centuries, possibly even since the activation of the Machine of Rah.

Are we ready for the Consequences?


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