Senan Owens

13 Year old smiling boy.


Senan looks very much the little school boy. Sandy blond hair, ice blue eyes, pale skin, a 4 and a half foot height, and a slim build make up the basics of Senan’s look. Senan is normally seen in sturdy traveling clothes, an oversized overcoat, and a backpack with toys peeking out of the top. Finally, while Senan is not always smiling, a smile is never far from his face, growing there at the slightest provocation.

Current Elan (as of 3/24/14)

Gabriel 40/Used 35: Artistic Ability, Positive Empathy, Psychological Immunity
Artistic Ability: This gift increases an individual’s creativity, giving a special bonus to their Art and Music Secondary Abilities, equal to the character’s Elan level.
Positive Empathy: This gift intensifies the positive feelings of all those individuals that they interact with. In a way, the bearer of this gift possesses a strong aura that brings out the best in everyone.
Peace Maker: The character generates a state of harmony that pacifies small quarrels and bickering. Wars and large-scale conflicts cannot be stopped, but the consequences of these conflicts will be milder wherever the character is.
Psychological Immunity: This gift endows the character with complete immunity to any negative psychological state, such as fear, anger, or sadness. In the event that they are generated by supernatural methods, the character gains a special bonus to his resistance check equal to his Elan level.

Azrael 20/Used 10: Leader, The Value of Heroes
Leader: This gift increases the natural charisma of its possessor, giving him special bonus equal to his leadership secondary ability equal to his Elan level. For example, someone with Elan 50 would have a +50 bonus.
The Value of Heroes: The character gains an unusual courage that allows him to remain fearless when others flee. This grants him a special bonus to his composure secondary equal to his Elan level.

Barakiel 30/Used 15: Aesthetics, Knowledge of Science
Aesthetics: Whatever the character does is aesthetically pleasing. This grants the character a special bonus to the style secondary ability, equal to the Elan level that he has.
Knowledge of Science: Thanks to Barakiel, the character has a vast knowledge in all scientific fields, allowing him to develop his abilities beyond those of normal people. This give provides a special bonus to their science secondary ability equal to his Elan level. Thus, a character with an Elan level of 40 gains a +40 bonus to checks.

Erubus 40/Used 10: Supernatural Knowledge, Shadowy Presence
Supernatural Knowledge: The character develops an innate knowledge of the supernatural world. This translates into a special bonus to the occult secondary ability equal to the character’s Elan level.
Shadowy Presence: This gift creates a frightful aura around the character, allowing him to intimidate others with each. This translates into a special bonus to the Intimidate Secondary Ability equal to the character’s Elan level.


Excerpts from the Diary of Patricia Owens

April 28, 976
My baby, a boy, was born today, and I’m so happy that he’s arrived! He’s so much like a little man, he didn’t cry, even after the midwife smacked his bottom. He just gave her look that seemed to say ‘This is a very undignified way to start life.’ We named him Senan, it means little wise one, it fits him so well.

April 28, 979
Senan turned 3 today and I am becoming increasingy worried, I don’t think that he’s developing socialy. He doesn’t play with any of the toys that his father, Devin, made for him. He holds them in his hands slowly turning them, studying every detail, like he is trying to figure out what they are. Then there’s other children, it may be the way Senan looks at them or the fact that he doesn’t play, but they don’t want to be near him… and he doesn’t seem to care.

August 10, 988
Senan has been studying the art of toymaking with Devin for more than two years. He showed a talent right away and over these two years has become rather good… but he is good like a machine would be good. The toys he makes are just carved wood or stuffed pieces of cloth, they don’t have any life in them. Devin’s frustration with Senan has been growing for weeks, Devin doesn’t understand why Senen can’t put his heart into his toys and Senan doesn’t understand why his father is so angry when he’s getting all the techniques his father teaches him. Today Devin finally snapped, I don’t blame him, not exactly, masters yell at their apprentices all the time… I heard Devin scream and curse at Senan for minutes, luckily I had already closed the shop for the day. Devin stomped out of the workshop after it was over telling Senan to give up. Less then a minute later Senan walked out to the street through the storefront. As he passed me I watched Senan touch his finger to the single tear that had fallen on his cheek and look at it, wondering what it was.

August 11, 988
Senan, my little boy, did not come home last night. I know that I have written these words before, but that doesn’t lessen my worry. I’ve already checked the city library and the city museum, the two places he was found when this has happened before. Combined with the fight with Devin I am worried that Senan has done something foolish. I don’t know what I will do if my only son has been taken from me…

August 12, 988
Senan’s home! After being gone more than a day Senan walked through the door of the shop. He had a sad look on his face and he said sorry mom and gave me a hug. Then he found Devin and did almost the same thing. He is so diferent, I feel a bit like Gipetto, I had a wooden boy and now he is real. Then he took us both down to the workshop and after saying, “I get it now Dad.” He picked up the wooden toy soldier that was his last project, altered it slightly with a carving tool, gave it’s face a few quick dabs of paint and I could see it, we could both see it, the life was in the toy. It wasn’t even finished but it was like it would only be a small surprise if it started moving. Devin took the toy from Senan’s hand with a small laugh and wrapped him up in a big hug which Senan returned.

September 16, 988
Senan went out for Imperus Magnus. He went with a group of his new friends. He still refuses to talk about what happened to him over the about 30 hours that he was gone last month; but he has friends now, it’s hard to complain.

December 15, 988
Something is wrong in my home. There are little sounds and noises that I can’t identify, the cream seems to be going faster than I use it, and Senan is helping out more around the house. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad for his help, especially with the holiday fast aproching; but I never see him doing anything. When I ask if he washed the dishes or swept the shop, or whatever, he says he did it, but as far as I can tell these things just seem to get done without any effort on his part.

January 4, 989
What can I say about the events of New Year’s Eve? Honestly I’m still in a bit of shock. I was in Archangel when it happened. I heard the sounds of battle from the palace. And I was at the foot of the tower with half the city when Eljared made her pronouncement. Despite the shock and horror of that night, now, a few days later, the thing that strikes me the most is that Elisabetta, our new empress, is the same age as my son…

January 16, 989
Senan will be leaving soon, I can feel it in my bones, and I can see it on his face. Devin and Senan work together every day, they smile and laugh as they make toys, but Father cannot see that son is pulling away. I’ll have to try to explain it to him. But if I tell him before Senan leaves, he may try to stop him. So I’ll have to decide which is the lesser betrayal; betraying my husband or betraying my son and possibly Destiny itself.

Excerpts from the Diary of Senan Owens

February 8, 989
I did it, I actually left home. I’ve been on the road for a few days now and I finally can’t see the top of the tower. I have no idea where I’m going but I’m headed Southwest. I feel drawn, perhaps it’s Destiny, as my mother thinks, or perhaps it’s some other supernatural agency. All I know is that I’m headed Southwest, I have my friends with me, and I’m trying to be ready for anything.

February 16, 989
I’ll be in Port Eburah tomorrow and I am getting excited. Earlier today one of my friends brought me a large wallet that he found in the bushes. Inside I found a coach ticket for the Farstrider, a pleasure liner traveling from Port Eburah to Chaville, leaving in two days; even more exciting was the other ticket, a 3rd class ticket for the maiden voyage of the Lady! Even I’ve heard of the Lady, it’s the first commercial Zeppelin ever and it’s flying from Chaville to Archangel on the First of March! I was a little guilty about taking someone else’s ticket, but as I held those tickets in my hands I knew that I had to be on the Lady’s first flight.

Senan Owens

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